Growth and Feeding in fish are directly correlated with Temperature and Oxygen
Monitor these values continuously in all your tanks and cages in order to feed correctly, avoid feed waste and get maximum growth.


Check how easy it is to setup and use AquanetixSenses!

1 - Order the probes
2 - Check the contents in the box
3 - Setup the probes on Aquanetix Senses
4 - Fix the probe on the Cage or Tank using the tie-wraps and activate with the magnet provided
5 - Done! Data will start flowing to your account, alarms will come when limits are exceeded


  • Photovoltaic panel for continuous operation
  • Optical probes, low maintenance, reliable measurements
  • SIM-card included for simple data flow
  • API for use with any other farm management software
  • IP66 to resist all weathers on land or on the sea 

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